There are many questions that can come to your mind before requiring a service from us, here are some questions from our frequently asked questions where you could find some answers for your questions if not please do not wait, contact us & we will answer all of your questions as soon as we get it.

1. How does I know I need a business Plan?

Every company need to have a business plan whether it’s in business from a period or will go in business. Because business plans stimulates the future & determine the short run & long run goals of the co. It simply works as a blueprint to guide the co.’s policies and strategies, and is continually modified as conditions change and new opportunities and/or threats emerge.

2. Can you guarantee that your investor business plan will raise capital?

Of course not. Nobody can make that guarantee because it depends on many things first of all is how you will present yourself to them. Second is how you will answer their questions. Third is how you will persuade them with your work. Yes it’s our job is to prepare the business plan that will help you proof your words but it will not work alone, you got to do your part.

3. Why I should hire a consultant to write my business plan instead of writing it myself?

Because we guarantee that your business plan will be written by MBA holder whom will save your effort & time letting you focus on your daily business work.

4. Does feasibility study really helpful?

Yes, of course.It shows you how your idea is technically viable from different aspects such as technological, marketing, financial & organizational. So you need to do it before spending any time, money or effort in executing your idea to show you whether to proceed or not.

5. How much time does it take to make feasibility study?

It depends on many factors such as the type of a product or service that you will introduce, the size of the market you will enter, the customers you will target & the industry you will work in.

6. I got my business plan a year ago? Do I need to make a new marketing plan?

Yes, a marketing plan should be revised and updated continuously because if you didn’t; you may miss a chance of getting new customers or even retaining the current ones. So, you need to update your marketing plan every three months and revise it monthly to ensure that everything is going in the right direction.

7. Can you make a marketing plan to sell my products abroad?

Yes, we can make an international market research to decide to which countries you should export your products then develop a marketing plan for each country.

8. Can you make online & offline competition analysis?

Yes, we can make it with a dashboard presentation for the results.

9. Can you write an article for me?

Yes, with pleasure just send us an email describing the requested material size (no. of words ), topic, time to deliver & we will contact you as long as we receive your email.

10. Can you write my blog content?

Yes, with pleasure, just send us your blog’s URL & the requested type of blogs then we will contact you as long as we receive your email.

11. How does it work?

It depends on the service you require, but the general outlines will be:

  • Initial meeting to discuss your requirement & basic information needed to serve you.
  • Second meeting to determine all the needed information required to get your services done.
  • Third meeting to inform you about the general steps that will be followed to meet your requirements & take your agreement before proceeding further.
  • Fourth meeting to deliver your requirements.
12. Who gets benefits from financial statement analysis?

There are four groups who benefited from financial statement analysis, they are:

  • Creditors. Anyone who has lent funds to a company is interested in its ability to pay back the debt, and so will focus on various cash flow measures.
  • Investors. Both current and prospective investors examine financial statements to learn about a company’s ability to continue issuing dividends, or to generate cash flow, or to continue growing at its historical rate (depending upon their investment philisophies).
  • Management. The company controller prepares an ongoing analysis of the company’s financial results, particularly in relation to a number of operational metrics that are not seen by outside entities (such as the cost per delivery, cost per distribution channel, profit by product, and so forth).
  • Regulatory authorities. If a company is publicly held.
13. What's the kind of financial statements that I should prepare as a startup company?

You should prepare the income statement for the current year and the expected income statements for the next 3 years so as to balance sheet and statement of cash flows.

14. What's the suitable financial ratios for my company?

It depends on the target of your measurement.is it to measure your company’s ability to stay in business or to measure the quality of management in utilizing resources or the ability of the co. to pay its debts or how well a company performs in generating a profit? For each of these aspects there are some ratios that are used to measure it.

15. Is this all the financial services you offer?

No, but those are the most required financial services & we can make more financial statements & ratios depending on the analysis of the current period documents and the previous period documents and of course your business current needs.

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