Some of our clients’ testimonials

Only SME Consulting that we can depend on when it comes to critical situations
Their marketing team is very creative.

Kamel Saleh
Vice President, Logilator, Egypt

The Business plan document was crafted for us in every single detail
SME Consulting team was extremely helpful on how to turn our idea into a complete business plan with a strong financial model.

Nehad Gamal
Co-Founder , Beautified, Egypt

We were truly amazed by the amount of data SME Consulting revealed. Also, by how they simplified it and mapped it to our business.
SME Consulting team did the job perfectly!

Ahmed Hagag
Development director, TownSoft, KSA

The financial model was very dynamic in an excellent way.
SME Consulting team knew exactly when to inspire me. And when to help me put my ideas on the ground.

Mohamed El Shiaty
Founder & CEO, eVolution Entertainment Center, Egypt

We have received a world class market research.
What an amazing dedicated team!

Ahmed El Munawer
Vice President for technology , The Arabian group of companies, Kuwait

The strong business plan that SME Consulting provided is considered as a strength point to our business.

Mohamed Mansour
Founder & CEO, Feedne, Egypt

SME Consulting gave us a super detailed exceptional vision to our market.
Besides the team was there all the time to answer all our inquiries.

Mohamed Shaltot
Managing partner, FutureFit, UAE

You always keep to impress me with your dedication and time commitment!
SME consulting consultants are showing an exceptional level of experience and knowledge that I can depend on.

Omar ElAzhary
Founder & CEO, SWYFT, Kuwait

We were amazed by how little effort was required on our project on SMS gateway project on October 2016.
It was a challenging road to walk, but together we made it.

Ahmed Samir
Founder & CEO, Message Plus

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