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Starting a startup / small business is exciting, as there’re many startups nowadays which create a high competition. When setting up a business, strategic positioning, and go to the public, professional branding and effective marketing development materials are essential to growing.

Marketing materials are the key that will help you to grow the business, reach the target audiences, and build a strong customer relation with them. It’s very important to keep your customers/users loyal to the business, so, you need effective marketing materials.

Marketing materials

Marketing materials are the business’s storyteller, it speaks with the target audience and tells them the core values of the business. Find the right marketing channels and the effective marketing materials that work for the target audience, then the business will grow. Sometimes depending on the digital marketing only won’t be effective enough, just remember “the power of print in a digital world”.

these materials can be everything, starting with a website, offline ads, social media graphics, to the flyers and brochures. They all help the business.

There’re many different types of marketing development material, but let’s start with the main types that all the businesses need.

Marketing materials:

Corporate identity is the image of the business to the public. It includes:

  • Logo design (A logo goes on every promotional item and the digital component of your business)
  • Brochures, banners, files, envelope, internal documents designs, ..Etc.
  • Letterhead

Business cards are helpful for promotional purposes as well as networking purposes.

Nowadays, people are searching online for what they want, so, it’s very important to have a good website that will show your business to the right target audiences.

Product packaging will be attractive to the target audience.

Presentations that will show your business to others.


  • Mugs
  • Gifts
  • T-shirts
  • Calendars

Why SME Consulting?

We at SME Consulting will help you to build strong and effective marketing materials that will help your business to grow and reach the right target audiences.

We can help you to:

  • Know the website’s requirements
  • Determine the target audience
  • Creating optimized content for digital marketing
  • Creating content for offline marketing
  • Help in designing the logo, color theme, ..etc.

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