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In a competitive world digital marketing has gained a special attention from business managers. Because your customers can search the web and find many sellers for the products or services you sell. So, you have to think in a cost effective tool to market your business & make your customers see you. Here comes the role of SME Consulting Castle; we provide you with 3 ways to do so they are content writing, blog writing and social media management. 

SME Consulting Castle ” we help companies reach their goals throw providing them high value content.”

Our Digital Marketing Services

1. Social Media Management “SMM”:

Social media has become a vital tool in Digital Marketing any business. We offer managing your company’s accounts on social media such as Facebook, twitter& LinkedIn.

 SME Consulting Company will create the suitable content for each channel. Also, adding the related images. Besides providing you with a monthly report exploring the status of each of your social media channels & customers feedback.

2.  Content Writing:

It’s all about words that motivate, persuade & impress the customers to buy your products or services.Content writing gaining more importance day after day. Wherever it exists; in your website, your social media channels, your email marketing, your brochures & press releases. 

So, you have to offer your customers a rich content. The rich content means it’s valuable, simple & useful. We offer writing a rich content for your in a way that will be in the right tone of voice for your brand.

3. Blog Writing :

Also, we offer writing your company’s blog exploring some topics that takes the attention of your customers. Emphasizing new trends in your industry and highlighting the value of your products or services. 

SME Consulting Castle Digital Marketing Services

SME Consulting Castle Digital Marketing

Transform your business to a revenue-producing asset.

Other Complementary Services

Market analysis is very helpful when talking to your customers on the social media channels or using other Digital Marketing tools . Because it will help you define your customers, study their needs & characteristics in order to formulate the proper content in your social media channels.

Marketing plan writing was ever a challenging task. Because any entrepreneur or business owner find it hard to research the market & determine the proposed customers. Also making competitors assessment & choosing the suitable marketing strategies needs a lot of effort. So, We will help you throw all of these phases & together will prepare a strong marketing plan that helps you reach your goals.

The purpose of competitors analysis is to determine the strengths & weaknesses of your  competitors. Besides determining the bench marked ones & the strategies that will provide you with a distinct advantage.

Competitors Research & Analysis

Range of Markets

Consumer Markets

We as a small business consulting company can help you in marketing of consumer goods such as Television, Refrigerator, Air conditioners etc. 

Business Markets

Involves marketing to other companies. Where they give much importance to the purchase decision .

Global Markets

Another service of our consulting company is marketing in other countries either to consumers or to businesses. Because when you try to sell globally you should consider the cost of transportation, local competitors and government regulations.

We can offer you all of the reports related to such issues in order to take the right decisions.


We can help you in selling to government offices and other government’s departments.Because it requires a careful study of the government’s requirements in the purchase announcement. 

The purchase decision is mostly made after bidding. So we can help you in interpreting such announcements & preparing your competitive bid.

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