investment of Egypt in all African countries

“Egypt – Africa, many investment opportunities”

In the past period, Egypt was very interested in strengthening its investment and economic relations with the African countries, and Egypt investing in African countries since 60’s

During 2018, Egypt had investing money and other good investments in Africa. The total investments that Egypt invested in Africa are around $1.2 billion during 2018 “According to Minister of Planning Hala el-Saeed”, this cooperation between all the African countries will maximize the integrated benefits inside the continent through encouraging infrastructure projects to boost intra-trade and mutual investment

SME Consulting - Egypt investment opportunities

Also, the global investment report in 2018 shows that the foreign investment in Africa was reduced by 21% (reduced from $53 billion to $42 billion) and this was a result of the cooperation of the African countries

Another benefit of the cooperation between the African countries is solving many problems that they face, and increase the trade size in the continent which make better market for the entrepreneurs in all Africana countries.

According to Dr. Hala, Minister of planning :

“Investing in Africa will benefit all parties and investors as a return of investment ranging between 30 to 40 percent in communication sector, exceeding 40 percent in generating electricity and 80 percent in roads,”

Egypt doesn’t investing money only in Africa, but there’re anther good investments and another investment opportunities that Egypt has with the other African countries. Egypt has good and strong economic and commercial relations with Nile Basin countries, including Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Burundi, creating many investment opportunities

SME Consulting - Egypt investment opportunities

According to the State Information Service (SIS) website, “Egypt has invested $15 million in Rwanda in construction and mining. Egypt exports aromatic mixtures, juices, juice makers and botanical extracts, and imports copper and zinc”. And many other business and investing forms between Egypt and other African countries

SME Consulting - Egypt investment in Africa

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