Chemical & engineering industries incubator

Chemical & engineering industries incubator “NilePreneurs” now open its hands only to innovative engineers 😉 . The Nile University  provides this incubator. It is sponsored by the Central Bank of Egypt and Housing & development Bank “HDB”. It is the first incubator which aims to develop and support the building materials’ sector. And it is opening the first cycle. So, if you got an idea to support the chemical & engineering industries used in the building operations; this is the optimal place to start your own business. In addition it accepts projects in the following fields:

  • Innovative material in the building’s material.
  • Also, Mechanical innovation of the machinery used in the building sector.
  • As well as technological innovation it the building sector. Such as any innovative application or software “Internet of Things “IOT””.
  • Besides innovative solutions in the environmental continuity (Solar Energy).
  • Also, the usage of green technology in the building sector.

The incubation is divided to two parts. The first part is a pre-incubation “preparation for incubation” period. And it includes training courses for the applicants on business administration and lasts for 5 days. The second part lasts for 6 months. It helps you as startups build your company. It targets the  innovative Egyptian engineers. Apply now

Terms of conditions

  1. Innovative, valuable, marketable & profitable idea that solve a problem in the building sector.
  2. Also, the team work should contain a technical member & a managerial member.
  3. At least one of the team members should delegate himself to the project.
  4. As well as the project should have a prototype.
  5. And the number of the team members does not exceed 5 members.

Offerings of the chemical & engineering industries incubator

It includes 90,000 LE fund with zero equity. And other facilitates includes:

  1. Company Registration and Legal Services.
  2. Workspace for free.
  3. Technical and Business Mentorship from the Nile University stuff.
  4. Exposure and Networking with investors.
  5. Demo Day to show your idea to investors. Apply now

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