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SME Consulting Castle Egyptian business management consulting company

Welcome to SME Consulting Castle

We are an Egyptian business management consulting company. Our company specialize in serving small and medium sized companies & startups. Also, offering you different services such as business management, accounting services and financial services.

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SME Consulting Castle Egyptian business management consulting company

Creative consulting

Our company as an Egyptian business management consulting company specialized in delivering creative and accurate consulting for our clients. We depend on analyzing our client’s situation, assessing his needs and resources. Then developing a careful study for the available solutions.

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SME Castle consulting company Egyptian business management consulting company

Trusted Experts

We rely on trusted experts in different fields to give you the optimal business management consulting services. Also, we got a database of external experts in other different fields to support you.

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Business Management Consulting Services

Business Management

SME Consulting Castle offer developing your business model, conduct current situation analysis (SWOT) for your small business. Also,we can prepare your business plan & your strategic plan.

Digital Marketing

Our company offer executing electronic marketing campaign in Egypt or abroad throw different channels such as or YouTube. Also, we will provide you with high value content for each channel.

Marketing Services

We offer preparing your market research, competition analysis & marketing plan in Egypt or abroad. Besides we develop international market entry strategy if you want to go global.

Feasibility Study

SME Consulting Castle provide you the necessary feasibility study that assess the viability of a new idea, project or small business. Our feasibility study will safe your money, effort & time.

Financial Services

Our company offer analyzing your end period financial statements such as revenue growth, cash flows analysis, net income & contribution margin. Furthermore we can interpret your balance sheet, cash flow statement & revenue per cost center.

Strategic Planning

We offer preparing a strategic plan for your small company.It determines in detail how you will accomplish your goals.Besides describing the flow of operations of your business & how you will select & manage human resources. 

Why Choose Our Business Management Consulting Services?

Dynamic Studies

 Whether the study was a market research, feasibility study or a business plan. SME Consulting provides you with dynamic studies in MS Excel or MS Word Format not just plain PDF text files.

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Study References

SME Consulting provides all the study resources upon delivery of the study. Also, we are not basing our professional opinion on unknown references. But we base our opinions on many resources; field surveys, digital analysis. Besides pre-published studies and many other resources.

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After Sales Relation

We as an Egyptian business management consulting company do not only offer the study. But also we offer helping you in the execution of the consulting offered in a timely schedule and business performance reviews.

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Range Of Markets

Consumer Markets

We as a small business management consulting company can help you in marketing of consumer goods such as Television, Refrigerator, Air conditioners etc.. Where there is tough competition from inside & outside.


Selling to government offices and other government’s departments is challenging. Because it requires a careful study of the government’s requirements in the purchase announcement. As the purchase decision mostly is made after bidding. So we can help you in interpreting such announcements & preparing your competitive bid.

Business Markets

SME consulting company can help you in marketing to other companies. Where they give much importance to the purchase decision. And we can help you in preparing your business proposals to get the attention of such companies.

Global Markets

Another service is marketing in other countries either to consumers or to companies. Because when you try to sell globally you should consider the cost of transportation, local competitors and government regulations. And we can offer you all the reports related to such issues in order to take the right decisions.

Some of our clients' testimonials

Only SME Consulting that we can depend on when it comes to critical situations
Their marketing team is very creative.

Kamel Saleh
Vice President, Logilator, Egypt

The Business plan document was crafted for us in every single detail
SME Consulting team was extremely helpful on how to turn our idea into a complete business plan with a strong financial model.

Nehad Gamal
Co-Founder , Beautified, Egypt

We were truly amazed by the amount of data SME Consulting revealed. Also, by how they simplified it and mapped it to our business.
SME Consulting team did the job perfectly!

Ahmed Hagag
Development director, TownSoft, KSA

Some of our clientsour clients' satisfaction 100%


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