Why SME Consulting ?

Dynamic Studies

– We provide you with dynamic financial model, which make it easier to change variables in the financial model and it’ll automatically reflect on the rest of the model

Dynamic Competition Analysis

A complete competition analysis with attractive charts that provide you with clear insights to the market situation that you can edit yourself as the competitors situation change and be able to view how does this affect the market situation.

Dynamic Marketing Plan

A dynamic marketing plan that is designed based on clear standards to your market, competitors situation, available budget and specefic marketing strategies. You can update it as per your needs whenever you see needed.

Dynamic Financial Model

SME Consulting provides you with dynamic financial model in MS Excel Format where you can view the model assumptions, edit them yourself to discover new business opportunities, add new variables to the model , … many unlimited possibilities to simulate for your business using the dynamic financial model that is designed specifically for your business not your industry in general.

After Sales Relation

We as an Egyptian business management consulting company do not only offer the study, but also offer helping you in the execution of the consulting offered in a timely schedule and business performance reviews.

Study References

SME Consulting provides all the study resources upon delivery of the study, and not basing our professional opinion in unknown references. Also we base our opinions on many resources; field surveys, digital analysis, pre-published studies and many other resources.

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