International business

Wherever you perform an International Business Venture, SME Consulting will be there to help you to give powers to your business to perform smoothly and easily.

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Digital transformation

SME Consulting helps you to digitalize your business to use the new technologies to get more customers and reach to them easily and anywhere. “40% of businesses, unfortunately, will not exist in a meaningful way in 10 years. 70% of companies will attempt to go digital, but only 30% of those will succeed.”     – John

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Business transformation

SME Consulting helps you to evaluate and enhance your business through full planned business transformation, to achieve measurable improvements in efficiency, effectiveness and stakeholder satisfaction. Any business has 3 main factors that mainly can impact the business : Employees Processes Technology So, focusing on these factors will help the business to grow and perform better

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Recruitment Services

SME Consulting provides employment and recruitment services for it’s clients based on their needs to help launching and stabilizing the business.   Since it’s main objective is to help small and medium sized companies plan, manage and operate their business successfully, SME Consulting provides profiles look up, updated CV database, interviews and other recruitment services

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Digital Marketing

Companies struggle hardly these days to market their products or services & digital marketing become a vital tool for success.

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Business Plans

Your business plan is a road map that steers you in the right direction. We offer you different types of business plans.

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Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study is conducted to assess the viability of a new business or idea or product before wasting time, effort & money.

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Market Analysis

Market Analysis is an important step in making the business plan, marketing plan or even talking to your customers on the social media channels.

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Marketing Plan

Every company need to have its marketing plan to increase its sales, its customer awareness & hence its market share.

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Financial Projections Services

This stops companies from taking drastic measures like downsizing or closing down sites; those things happen only with no or bad financial projections.

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Online Business Consultation

We offer you all of our services online to simplify your daily business work and save your time & effort.

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Strategic Planning

It determines in detail how the company will accomplish its goals. Also, it determines the operations that the company needs to achieve it & how the company will manage human resources. Besides it states how the company can best utilize its resources to achieve the long term goals.

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