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Welcome to SME Consulting Castle

We are a business management consulting company specialized in serving small and medium sized companies & startups by offering them different services such as business management, accounting services and financial services.

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Creative Solutions

We are specialized in delivering creative and trans-formative solutions for our clients’ projects throw our deep analysis of the clients’ situation, assessing their needs, resources and careful study of the available solutions.

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Trusted Experts

We rely on trusted experts in different fields to give you the optimal business management consulting services that help you reach your goals. Also, we got a database of external experts in other different fields to support you.

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Business Management

Developing business model, current situation analysis (SWOT) & different types of business plan.

Digital Marketing

Execute electronic marketing campaign throw different channels and providing you high value content for each channel.

Marketing Services

Preparing market research, competition analysis, marketing plan & developing international market entry strategy.

Feasibility Study

Preparing the necessary studies that assess the viability of a new idea, project or business before wasting any time or money.

Financial Services

Analysis for end period financial statements including revenue growth, pipeline efficiency, cash flows analysis, the Net Income, gross margin, contribution margin, balance sheet, cash flow statement & revenue per cost center

Strategic Planning

Determining in detail how the company will accomplish its goals; the operations needed to achieve it, how human resources will be managed & how the company’s resources will be best utilized to achieve the company’s goals.



 We promise to provide our customers with high quality and on time delivery services with competitive prices.

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These services will be offered after the deep analysis of your situation and assessing of your business needs and available resources.

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After Sales Services

 We offer you after sales customer service throw providing help in executing the consultations offered and providing training if needed.

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Range Of Markets

Consumer Markets

Involves marketing of consumer goods such as Television, Refrigerator, Air conditioners etc. Where the cost of operations is high.

Global Markets

Involves marketing in other countries either to consumers or to businesses where the cost of transportation and government regulations needs to be considered.

Business Markets

Involves marketing to other companies where the competition is high & the purchase decision is given much importance.


Mainly involves Government offices, ordnance factories, army, navy and other government departments, where the purchase decision made after bidding.

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